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The class and flair of the people living in Rajasthan is truly accomplished with the fervor of customs and traditions, which portray the wonderful past and heritage of this state, making India a richer country in terms of art and culture.

Rajasthani Handicrafts is famous all over the world for its traditional touch and flawless designs. The handicrafts of Rajasthan are avidly liked by people across the world and make them love getting into the bucolic and traditional culture of this state. The extensive variety of articles and decorative objects, such as wooden figurines, marble statuettes, traditional style paintings, brass artifacts, gifts for different occasions, customized products, and many more items that will beguile you. In Rajasthan handicrafts secure the most high-up space in the art shops, galleries and museums.

There are several schools of art that hail from Rajasthan and have presented great examples of Rajasthani handicrafts in front of the world. From all the various areas of Rajasthan, we have compiled some of the best art specimens that have been crafted in different artistic styles belonging to this state. Explore the graceful and flawless Indian art at its best, here at Indian Ethnic Gifts. We bring the class and culture of India to your place in the form of world-class artwork.

One of the main handicrafts from Rajasthan that you get at Indian Ethnic Gifts is Gemstone paintings, which are well-liked among the art-lovers worldwide. They have the aroma of Rajasthan and the beautifully painted human figures, animals, religious deities, historical palaces, etc. The gemstone paintings are done with gemstones crushed into powdered form. Also, you can find alluring, colorful puppets of Rajasthan.

Indian artists are recognized all over the world for their arduousness and rare artistic skills. The range of art and craft pieces you find on Indian Ethnic Gifts displays the finesse of the work done by Indian art-workers. The priceless Indian handicrafts are the result of their dedicated work and highly polished skills of traditional art.